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Ferry traffic

Our advice: In particular during the holiday seasons, make sure to reserve a place for your own vehicle on the islands of Borkum or Norderney as early as possible – only limited capacities on board are available.

The islands of Langeoog, Norderney and Borkum are accessible by ship at both low tide and high tide. These islands can be reached according to a regular schedule up to 13 times (Norderney) per day.

Juist, Baltrum, Spiekeroog and Wangerooge are, because of flatter water ways, only accessible depending on the tides, thus the schedule varies every day. This is why the island of Juist in particular can only be reached once a day.

The travel time to the islands is between half an hour (Baltrum) and 2 hours (Borkum). For adults, the price of a day-return ticket is between 16,- and 25,- euros.


Ferry traffic

Island Price Length of time Internet
Borkum 16,20 euros app. 2:15 h by ferry www.ag-ems.de
Borkum 24,90 euros app. 1:00 h by catamaran www.ag-ems.de
Juist 17,50 euros app. 1:30 h by ferry www.reederei-frisia.de
Norderney 15,00 euros app. 1:00 h by ferry www.reederei-frisia.de
Baltrum 16,00 euros app. 0:30 h by ferry www.baltrum-linie.de
Langeoog 18,50 euros app. 1:00 h by ferry www.schiffahrt-langeoog.de
Spiekeroog 17,00 euros app. 0:45 h by ferry www.spiekeroog.de
Wangerooge 17,70 euros app. 1:20 h by ferry www.wangerooge.de
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