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Vrouw Johanna Mill

Johanna Mühle Emden abstrakt

The three-story mill is built of brick. The base has a height of 12.35 m to the top of the gallery. The wall thickness is below 80 cm and tapers on the third floor at 67 cm. The octagon has a height of 12.90 m, measured from the rim to the center of the axis. The single rod had a length of 24.0 m. One of the wings with the number 893 was made by the brothers Pott around 1880 at a price of 340 guilders in Holland. The "used" wing was built by the mill builder Harders in the early 50's . Earlier, the steel wings had wooden tops and Blinds that have been removed in 1956. The miller Reint Janssen told us that the mill had five grinding types for example a a crushing stone (bluestone) for crushing , a French freshwater quartz stone (known as French pass) for milling of semolina and nozzles and two “Peldestones”.  Today there is only one grinding type left. When and to whom the previous grinding types have been sold is unknown. Besides the grinding types a roller mill system was installed in the mill in 1945/46. Major exterior changes have not been made ​​to the mill. The total height of the windmill is 25.00 m.


Auf dem Emder Wall (Ende der Brückstrasse)
26721 Emden
+49 49 21 / 3 41 23
+49 49 21 / 3 41 23

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