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Freshwater mudflat hiking

  • Deichwanderung Apen
  • Deichwanderung Apen
  • Deichwanderung Apen
  • Apen Hengstforder Muehle am Deich

In Apen is the only freshwater mudflat in the Northwest of Germany. It was created in 2005 by a dike relocation in order to obtain a retention area for possible floodings. The tides cause the flooding of some terrain and thus created a very own flora and fauna. It is now a nature reserve area and observations can be made from the tower of a pumping station or two observation platforms on the south side and the Hengstforder mill.


More information
  • meeting point: Hengstforder mill in Apen/Hengstforde
  • For more information please contact the Apen Touristik
Entrance Fees
  • 60€ per group (up to 15 people, each additional person 4€)
  • Group size 10 to a maximum of 25 people, individuals are welcome to join a group


Hauptstraße 203
26689 Apen
+49 44 89 / 73 73

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