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Castle Gödens

Schloss Goedens Wasser

In 1671, the castle surrounded by moats was built in its present form in the style of Dutch Baroque by Freiherr Haro Burchard v. Frydag. The north-east wing was built by using rests of the castle built in the Dutch Renaissance style and burned down in 1669. On the park side, the south-west wing is decorated with pavilion-like lateral projections and to the side of the court-yard, with large-scale portal projections and an arched outside staircase. The sedate stair tower survived the fire. By marriage, the „Herrlichkeit“ Gödens and hence, the most beautiful castle of Ostfriesland was passed to Freiherren von Wedel.


opening hours

Öffnungszeiten Schlosspark Gödens
Montag - Freitag 9:00 - 17:00 Uhr
An Feiertagen und an Aufbautagen von Veranstaltungen geschlossen.


Schloss Gödens 1
26452 Sande (Gödens)
0 44 22 - 9 86 40
0 44 22 - 98 64 11

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