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Lighthouse in Krummhörn-Pilsum

Leuchtturm in Pilsum

The lighthouse is an attractive place and a sought-after picture object with its picturesque red-yellow rings made famous by the Frisian comedian Otto. The lighhouse was built in 1891 and is 11 m high. Orginally, an oil lamp provided the light, until it was replaced in 1900 by an incandescent lamp and optics. Until 1915, the leading light leaded the ships through the Emshörnrinne, but was turned off at the beginning of the First World War to prevent enemy ships from entering. After the war, the lighthouse had lost its importance. Today you can visit the tower and pairs can marry under the roof in the little registry office room. 

Monika van Lengen [Dem Text liegt eine Beschreibungen von Thorsten Solmecke zu Grunde (www.leuchttuerme.de).



Zum Alten Leuchtturm
26736 Krummhörn-Greetsiel (Pilsum)
0 49 26 / 9 18 80

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