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Hulling mill in Wittmund

As early as 1741, Poppe Embken constructed the hulling mill to shell barley, with a dwelling-house and a barn, making it the oldest gallery Dutch mill in north-western Germany. In the 30s, the mill also received a grinding mill for rye and wheat. The valuable beam construction and the toothed wheels have survived the ravages of time, only the sails and the exterior parts needed a renovation from time to time.
In 1974, the mill operation was completed and the mill was shut down. Since 1977, the local history association of Wittmund leased the mill and founded it as a museum of local history in honorary capacity (see museums). The successor of the local history association made the mill fully operative once again. In combination with the historical baking oven, you can learn about working with the grain and going from flour to bread.


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Jährliche Back- und Aktionstage mit Brotverkauf von 11 bis 17 Uhr

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