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Die Osterburg in Groothusen

The village Groothusen in Krummhörn was an important trading center in the early Middle Ages. Back then it was directly on a bay and was used for navigation. In Groothusen there were three castles, of which only one, the Osterburg , is left today. If you turn into Groothusen towards Greetsiel, one finds the mansion built as a simple castle on the right side in the park. The central building still contains parts of the walls of the original building from the 15th Century. The two side wings were added in the 16th century and in the 18th and 20th Century changed and renewed. The castle is open to private ownership of the Kempe family and therefore not open to the public in general. You may contact them for private tours. A gallery of ancestral portraits brings the history of Ostfriesland alive. A special experience is  to listen to Mr. Kempe, who can tell old traditional stories to each piece in the castle.

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Entrance Fees

Guided tour:

30€ per group (Group up to 10 adults)

3€ per adult (Groups of 10 or more adults)

opening hours

A visit to the castle is only possible by appointment.


An der Osterburg 1
26736 Krummhörn-Greetsiel (Groothusen)
Mrs. Dorothea Kempe

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