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Scoop Mill Wynhamster Kolk in Bunde-Ditzumerhammrich

Mühle Wynhamster Kolk

The wind and water mill Wynhamster Kolk in the village of Ditzumerhammrich was built in 1804 and serves to drain the Wynhamster Kolk – being the deepest place in Niedersachsen with 2,50 meters under sea level. "Wynhamster Kolk" describes a region which in former times was the greatest "Kolk" (lake) of the Rheiderland, with 72 ha. This "Kolk" was formed after a storm tide (1715), when the old dike broke and the meadow land behind it was torn away.
The "earth Dutchman" mill is a windmill with a rotatable top, and has the octagonal timber frame placed directly on the ground. The water is pumped by an Archimedean screw from a 160 ha region into a higher situated sewer depth.


Wynhamster Kolk 2
26831 Bunde (Bunde-Ditzumerhammrich)

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