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Steenblock mill in Großefehn-Spetzerfehn

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Here, the first mill was built in 1818 by the miller Eckhoff. Soon after its inauguration, it was sold to J.F. Müller, who also owned the mills at Strackholt and Ostfroßefehn. He passed the mill to his sons. In 1885, it was burned down by a lighting-stroke and was rebuilt by the mill constructor Mönck in the form it has today.
The three-floor gallery Dutchman mill was modernized by adding a compass card in 1930 and installing a Diesel engine in 1936. The descendants of the brothers Müller died without any cildren, so that the mill stood still since 1953. In 1955, the mill was leased by Theo Steenblock and finally bought in 1931. Since that time it is property of the family. After a fundamental renovation and modernization, the mill is in full operation since 1961. Whenever possible, it is operated daily by wind, but is also able to grind by motor power.


Postweg 7
26629 Großefehn (Großefehn-Spetzerfehn)
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