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Mound mill in Edewecht-Westerscheps

Kokerwindmühle in Edewecht

The municipality of Edewecht, to which the village of Westerscheps belongs, sports a windmill in its coat of arms. Only four of the 40 mills are still in operation in the Ammerland around 1900, have survived the mill dying period. One of them is the two floor gallery Dutchman mill, whose top is turned from a surrounding gallery with the aid of a “Steert” (long beam connected to the top to turn it) facing the wind. It has an interesting story.

In 1799, another mill already stood here but burned down in 1827. Built again in greater size, it burned down again in 1879, this time struck by lightning. Rebuilt in 1880, it was struck again in 1921 and 1949. Between these years, is stood in flames thanks to a flare bomb. After that, it stood still, but since a fundamental restoration in 1998, it is now fully operative once again. Just next door, the restaurant “Zur Mühle” invites you to take a break.


Hauptstraße 34
26188 Edewecht
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