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Ancient lighthouse on Wangerooge

Leuchtturm auf Wangerooge

The lighthouses on that island have a very eventful history. The oldest light documented at the North Sea coast was situated at the former eastern end of the island. It was built in the years 1597-1602. Its walls had a thickness of 2,2 m and narrowed up to the top. It had several stories lodging, according to the needs, a store for flotsam and jetsam, a prison, an ice cellar, a church and, of course, the living-room of the attendant.
On the top, since 1624 the tower had 48 glass windows, lamps fired with train oil or rape oil spread a very dim light. The top of the tower burned down and in 1630, the history of the tower ends. Since the February flood of 1854, the tower was standing in the water and was blown up in 1914 to prevent that it might be a visible day navigation aid for the ships of the enemies. 1932-33, 800 m southwards of that place they constructed a new tower according to the plans of the original tower. That western tower now serves as a youth hostel.


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26486 Wangerooge

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