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Family centre Sturmfrei in Dornum-Neßmersiel

Malende Kinder in Dornum

Sun. Just the pure sun. And the sun often shines down between Neßmersiel and Dornumersiel at the North Sea coast. But when Saint Peter is in a bad mood and the barometer shows a “storm” coming,   there's no need to worry. Visitors and tourists have plenty of other activities.

"Storm-free" is a total of 9 fun-centers at the same time combined: wellness centre, event centre with stage and 500 seats, activity centre, play centre, adventure centre, creative centre, sport centre with a multi-functional playing field, cinema-adventure centre and gourmet centre. "Sturmfrei" (Storm-free) means reaxing, fitness, yoga, climbing on the climbing wall, a romping area, aerobic, dancing, trial golf, archery, mini-bowling, art seminars in the "Artelier", surfing, chat and mail in the internet café, excitement in the adventure cinema, cyber and motion room: with a Formula 1 racer virtually on the road, children’s theatre, shows, cabaret and cooking duels. East Friesian weeks, arts, comics, creative days, professional sport…. And, of course, "een Kopke Tee" (a cup of tea) in the lounges.
Sturmfrei is simply unbeatable: an area of 3200 square meters, roofed and simply THE activity centre with leisure time possibility on the North Sea coast. It is protected against the hot-burning sun, rain, wind, storm, snow and ice. Open every season.

 10 spaces, great play area for babies and small children, organization of birthday parties in real Indian tents.


Zertifiziert nach KinderFerienLand
  • Kletterburg über 3 Etagen
  • Erlebniskino
  • Minibowlingbahn
  • Trampoline & Kletterwand
  • Sportarena für Fußball, Volleyball …
  • Virtueller Sport
  • Spielburg (Outdoor)
  • Billard, Dart, Tischtennis, Internetterminals, Kicker
  • Kleinkindbereich (Bällebad, Mäuseburg, und vieles mehr)
  • Events und Kindergeburtstage
  • Bistro mit Sonnenterrasse
Entrance Fees

Mit Nordsee- Servicecard:

Dornum: Kinder und Erwachsene kein Eintritt

Partnerorte: Kinder: 4,00€ Erwachsene: 2,00€

Einwohner: Kinder: 2,50€ Erwachsene: 1,00€

Ohne Nordsee- Servicecard:

Tageskarte: Kinder 5,00€ Erwachsene 3,00€

Nachmittagskarte (ab 15:00 Uhr): Kinder: 3,00€ Erwachsene: 2,00€

Kostenloser Familienspaß
Freier Eintritt
opening hours

15. März bis 09. November:

Mo-So 10:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

Außerhalb der Ferienzeiten in Niedersachsen und Nordrhein-Westfahlen montags geschlossen.

13. Dezember 2014 bis 14. März 2015:

Do und Fr 14:00 bis 18:00 Uhr
Sa und So 11:00 bis 18:00 Uhr


Störtebekerstraße 18
26553 Dornumerland (Neßmersiel)
0 49 33 / 87 99 80
0 49 33 / 8 79 98 20

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