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Big new lighthouse on Borkum

Neuer Leuchtturm auf Borkum

Before constructing the first navigation aid on the island of Borkum, seamen orientated according to the church tower of the island. In 1567, a 45 m high tower was constructed, which was orginally a day navigation aid, before it was granted light. Up to 1879, the “Old tower“ served that function. On a cold day in February, a fire in the signal room completely destroyed the beams of the lighthouse. Meanwhile, it has been restored several times and can now be visited.
In the year of its destruction, it was already built 60 m high, becoming the round “Great (New) lighthouse”. It served as day mark and at night, as sea light for the ships right in front of the mouth of the Ems river. It also has a secondary light that serves to help ships when setting course on the outer Ems, from the Westerems fairway into the Randzelgat. This lighthouse also can be visited.
When the lower Ems (which experienced a lot of traffic), made further lights necessary, in 1891 the “Kleine Leuchtturm” (see small lighthouse) was constructed with a height of 27 m.


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