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German sluice harbour museum in Carolinensiel

Sielhafenmuseum in Carolinensiel

The German sluice harbour museum invites you to make a journey into the past – into the time of the freight sailing vessels which went from Carolinensiel and many other sluice harbors at the German North Sea coast to Holland, England, into the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and to South America. The life at the coast was characterized by the sea. Again and again, people experienced it as a threat of their living space and resisted powerfully against the “Blanker Hans” (the hard storms). At the same time, they have their income from the sea by navigating and using it as seamen on trading vessels or as fishers. In the Sielhafenmuseum we like to show you how people lived and worked in former times in a sluice harbor village. Our three houses with 2500 m² exhibition area, the museum harbor and also the museum path show you the manifold subjects of that museum in a very special manner. Let us lead you into the past!


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