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Wadden Sea National Park

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Have you abandoned your dream of flying? Then experience the early morning show of thousands and thousands of wild geese starting to fly in the polders. It is a breath-taking view. You'll have to stay on the ground however. After this unforgettable event, you will want to help preserving our „wonder-full” nature.

But you can still experience much more nature in East Friesland. The mudflats with the tides and also the inland has preserved natural jewels: the embankment-hedge landscape with a rich world of animals and plants, or the marsh regions with meadows up to the horizon, where peewit, godwit and redshank can be found. Bog areas also were preserved, and if you are lucky, you'll discover a blooming sundew bank.

Do you still have questions? Currently, 11 Wadden Sea National Park houses houses on the islands and at the coast will be happy to give you the answers.

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Mudflat hiking

Get an insight of Ostfriesland´s nature!



National Park - Watt tours for children (ages 8 and older) and adults.


Mudflat hiking Dirks

With Dirk Tamme you can explore the coastal area around Upleward.

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