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A wonder-world of mudflats. Existing between low tide and high tide. You can see water up to the horizon. The eternal rhythm of the waves. Living-space for seals. A kind of nursery for North Sea fish. Rest and brood region for millions of mudflat and water birds. Cheep show at the dike: redshank, oyster catcher and ringed plover. From the end of September until the beginning of May, up to 70.000 arctic wild geese spend the winter in that region.

The land behind the dike with its wide open marshes, unspoiled upland and down land moors, many lakes and an embankment-hedge landscape provides many „natural“ surprises: Would you expect arnica and gentian in Ostfriesland? Or grass-green meadows with marsh harriers flying above them? Or marsh ditches with reed and singing robin blue breasts or water bats? Let’s visit some frog concerts!

The “Große Meer“ (Great Lake) is, at only one meter water depth, the greatest preserved fen lake of Niedersachsen. The wet meadows and reeds around the lake are important brood places for peewit, godwit and great curlew. Hike at the edge of the moors in the district of red-backed shrikes. You can also experience formed nature: when you see morning fog spread across the wild-romantic park landscape of the Ammerland with mighty rhododendron groves, you will probably think of the Himalaya – the home of rhododendron and azalea.

Mudflat hikingtours

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Mudflat hiking and more

The guide will explain the plants of the salt marsh and you will get the chance to experienced them..


Freshwater mudflat hiking

In Apen is the only freshwater mudflat in the Northwest of Germany.


Mudflat hiking

Always an adventure: step onto the ocean floor, run over the soft mud flats and discover tiny..


Mudflat hiking

Guides lead you to the islands of Norderney, Baltrum, Spiekeroog and Langeoog.


Mudflat hiking

Get an insight of Ostfriesland´s nature!


Mudflat hiking Rieken

Get to know the mudflats with your family in an relaxed atmosphere!


Mudflat hiking Ennen

Mudflat hiking with the tour guides Gerke Enno Ennen. The tour takes you to the lighthouse Arngast...


Mudflat hiking Ennen

This mudflat hike takes you from Harlesiel to Spiekeroog.

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