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Early History

Following prehistory, which only can be reconstructed in archaeological manner, the early history of East Friesland becomes...


East Frisian chieftains

In the course of the 14th century, the Redjeven constitution began falling apart, and other events like the pestilence and great...


Thirty Years War

After the order was restored, there was an incomparable extension of power for the East Friesian estates which became widely independent. This fact resulted in many more disputes...


Prussian Reign

The time of Prussian reign brought a considerable economic boom for Ostfriesland, a stronger opening to the outside and many innovations. The beginning of the fen colonization and the foundation of the fen settlement also began during this period.


Contemporary history

After the end of the Second World War, during which the harbor and shipyard sites of Emden and Wilhelmshaven in particular suffered from the extreme bombardments, East Friesland became occupied by the British.

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