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Playhouses - Hits for kids in every weather

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In East Friesland, sometimes it may rain. And even when the great torrents arrive – the children are still happy. Why? Well, this it's simple. Mom and dad may want to take them to the children’s playing house. Real East Frisian kids love coming here. You will find everything needed: slides, swings, sandpits, play houses and cases – plus many activities:cooking, baking, playing, painting. Sometimes there's even  a circus to see.

Children’s play houses in Ostfriesland – the real hit for the kids. Mom and dad can leave the kids alone as there are always staff members keeping an eye on the children. Isn’t it nice to do something without the children? Sitting in the café, reading a book with a cup of tea or simply going shopping. Such children’s play houses can be found on the East Frisian coast and in the inland in many holiday villages and towns. They are accessible all day long and the entrance is free.


Family centre Sturmfrei in Dornum-N..

Sun. Just the pure sun. And the sun often shines down between Neßmersiel and Dornumersiel at the..


Playhouse Trockendock on Spiekeroog

Offers: tunnel slide, soccer table, ball pool, sand room and various play corners, work room,..


Playhouse KinnerKram in Westoverled..

Hello children – a heartily welcome in our ice-world. Here, playing is really a „cooool“ fun!

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