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Forest 4 Fun in Wiefelstede

Kletterpark Conneforde in Wiefelstede


Fancy crossing rickety hanging bridges, being courageous just like Indiana Jones? Race fearlessly the more than 100 meters with a thin steel rope across the water like James Bond – or do it like like Tarzan did using ropes, swinging from tree to tree? The „Forest 4 Fun“ park at Wiefelstede-Conneforde offers all this plus many more outdoor adventures. Across the 3, 5 hectare forest area, 6 different climbing parcours have been installed. Of course, you'll climb with professional climbing and security equipment, and a competent team is always at your disposal with advice.

Situated directly at the Bernsteinsee (lake), the „Forest 4 Fun“ offers breath-taking views, unique sea-passages and outdoor fun for adults and children all year long.Highlights: 6 different climbing parcours at a height of up to 13 m, more than 50 climbing elements, unique, app. 100 m and 60 m long lake crossing at a height of app. 10 m, 20 m long hanging bridges, 7 m high base jump, „free fall” out of the treetops, mini parcours for children between 3 and 5 years.

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Forest 4 Fun
Dorfstr. 8d
26215 Wiefelstede-Conneforde
Tel 0 44 58 / 9 48 78 85
Fax 04 41 / 3 84 49 66




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