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There is no better way to truly immerse yourself in the landscapes and magnificent scenery than from the saddle of a bicycle.

International Dollard Route - Biking without borders

Peewit, grey herons and cormorants, avocets and oyster catchers are only a few of the bird kinds accompanying bikers on their way along the Dollart route. The tour leads you through manifold landscapes: fen and Geest, polder and Hammriche (land lying under sea level and often under water). Romantic churches and splendid polder farms are the witnesses of rural culture. A must is the Appingedam, with its historical old town centre, the maritime towns of Delfzijl and Emden and the seemingly sleeping fisher village of Ditzum.

On the way, you may also make cultural-historical sightseeing excursions. You will find the way to them on the direction pointers marked with an “A” for “alternative route” (you’ll find tips in the route guide, order coupon see p. 51). The stark charm of the coast landscape around the Dollart characterizes that route. The bay was formed in the Middle Ages by sea water. The Dollart is the last tide-open great salt-water bay of the German-Dutch mudflats, where salty sea water mixes with fresh water.


The ferry crossing the Dollart only operates on certain days and only between May and September. For Information call Tel 04 91 / 91 96 96 50.

International Dollard Route - Two countries, one big cycling experiences (6 days)

The "International Dollard Route" is very special in twofold respects: It connects the route across the border, running from the German Rheiderland to the Dutch Reiderland, but it also invites you to cross the "Dollart" bay via a fairy.

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