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There is no better way to truly immerse yourself in the landscapes and magnificent scenery than from the saddle of a bicycle.

Friesischer Heerweg - From the Inland to the North Sea

If stones on this road could talk they would have a lot to tell. Hordes of soldiers, armed with swords, morning stars or muzzle-loaders, traveled here. There was fighting, robbery and plunder. In more peaceful times, traders, farmers, priests and beggars too used the road, for in these times there were almost no paths across that landscape characterized by moors and bogs.

The 400 kilometer long Friesian military road is labeled as a bicycle route called “halberd and cartwheel”. It leads from Oldenburg up to the North Sea coast and then goes to the East Friesian inland. Thus, the route is the longest signposted bicycle route of East Friesland. You can visit comfortable restaurants and hotels just about anywhere. The route is also suitable for single sections. 

Our suggestion
In local history and town museums, you’ll find plenty of information about the creation and history of the interesting landscape, with all its meadows and embankment hedges, fens and marshes, channels and Wieken (side channels).

Friesischer Heerweg - Tour (6 days)

Merely a few roads and paths cross the often almost untraversable Ostfriesland. One of these roads was the Friesischer Heerweg, the army road circling around the island. It still exists today..

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