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There is no better way to truly immerse yourself in the landscapes and magnificent scenery than from the saddle of a bicycle.

Friesenroute Rad up Pad - Coast and Lakes, Canals and Forests

The Friesenroute Rad up Pad leads you to the harbor town of Emden, where you should visit the East Friesian national museum and the Art’s hall. From here, it is not far to go to Greetsiel, a more than 600 year-old fisher village, with plenty of cutters and sailing boats, the twin mills and the gabled houses. Visit the dike Marienhafe, to see the striking church tower. In former times, it was a hideout to legendary pirate Klaus Störtebeker.

The oldest town of Ostfriesland, Norden, is the next destination. On the coast, the Frisian route follows castles of Hage, Lütetsburg and Dornum; later the route leads into the inland to Wiesmoor. Here, you’ll find the greatest greenhouse site in Europe; this is the reason for calling the town “Blumenbeet Ostfrieslands” (flowerbed of East Friesland). Finally, the route leads to the “Fünf-Mühlen-Land” (five mills land) Großefehn.

Our suggestion
On the way back to Emden, we recommend an intermediate stop in the Ihlower forest, a natural forest with very old oaks and lime-trees, or take a rest at the great lake, a popular destination for excursions.

Friesenroute Rad up Pad - Short trip to the coast (4 days)

If the complete Friesenroute Rad up Pad is too long or if you only have an extended weekend to stay, then the Friesenroute short trips are the best possibility to visit the typical Ostfriesland.

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