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There is no better way to truly immerse yourself in the landscapes and magnificent scenery than from the saddle of a bicycle.

Deutsche Fehnroute - Landscape with Canals, Bridges and Sluices

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The Ostfriesland moor has been cultivated since the 17th century. The word „fehn“ describes a method of cultivation. It was necessary to dig traversable channels. At the same time, these chennels drained the moor. This was required to reap the peat. Colonies were built along the channels. The inhabitants lived by selling the peat as fuel source, which they transported across the channels and „Wieken“ (lateral channels) using small sailing-vessels, the so-called “Torfmutten”, into the villages and towns. The German fen route follows along a path of „monuments“ of that fen culture such as channels, water gates and drawbridges. The Romantic and Gothic brick stone churches have survived and line up along the route. It’s a great idea to visit some of the historical windmills – some of the mills are used as museums or cafés.

Deutsche Fehnroute - the small tour (3 days)

The Ostfriesland country extends widely, flatly and evenly around the „Deutsche Fehnroute“ (the German fen route) – one of the most famous bicycle routes in Northern Germany. Hop on your saddle and discover pure fen culture on the 173 km round trip!

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