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There is no better way to truly immerse yourself in the landscapes and magnificent scenery than from the saddle of a bicycle.

Ammerland Route - Royal Route with Rhododendron and Embankment-Hedges

The Ammerland Route is the „Royal route“ of the bicycle routes of the Ammerland. Starting in Bad Zwischenahn, the route clock-wise follows an attractive landscape with extensive fens and idyllic natural lakes. A tour full of superlatives. 60 excursion points and more than 20 information tables will help you to learn about the region and the people.

At five locations, accessible towers („Landschaftsfenster“, landscape windows) grant you a view of the typical Ammerland: Water, rhododendron, embankment hedges, brick stone churches, historical mills and thatched farm houses. Bad Zwischahn at the Zwischenahner Meer is an ideal point to start the tour. Here, you’ll find an open-air museum „Ammerländer Bauernhaus“ (farmhouse) and the „Park der Gärten“ (park of the gardens, area of the Landesgartenschau 2002) with more than 90 theme gardens.

In the area Westerstede and beyond, internationally esteemed rhododendron (a flower) cultivators have settled. People here brought the first rhododendron and azalea flowers from the Himalaya, more than hundred years ago, whose plant “descendants” today can be found across the entire world. It is possible to visit many of these tree nurseries.

Ammerland Route (4 days)

Our offer is very appropriate for the sporting biker. For two days, you discover our Ammerland round trip with a length of 160 km. After your arrival, we recommend one of our smaller theme round courses to “get warm”.

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