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  • Hochtiedsmuck
  • Hochzeitsbogen

Bachelor- and hen party
Approximately 2-3 weeks before the wedding the friends, relatives and acquaintances pay a spontaneous visit to the future bride and groom. Once again men and women celebrate their bachelorhood. Both spend the evening in separate groups. The man with the men, woman with the women. Whether bride or groom, both have to slip into embarrassing costumes and sell small things in order to donate the proceeds to the group. The essential point, however, is to celebrate and enjoy life before the wedding.
Wedding shower
This evening is true to the saying "Shards bring luck". Neighbors, friends, relatives and acquaintances bring plates, cups and similar objects of porcelain. Later they will shatter all that porcelain on the ground. This custom is to bring luck to the spouses-to-be.
Later that evening the guest will burn the pants of the groom and the bra of the bride. This custom is also to bring happiness.
Even on the wedding day the customs do not tear off and so the wedding in Osfriesland becomes a very special day.
There is the custom called “Klöttern”. Every now and then the guests begin to make noises with their cutlery and glasses. This is a signal for the freshly married couple to kiss.
After the dinner the newlyweds dance their wedding dance.
After a traditional, emotional and good wedding party the newlyweds invite the last guest to stay for breakfast. Traditionally they serve fried eggs and buns.

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