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Klootschieten on frozen meadows

Klootschieten on frozen meadows

The „Käkler“ and „Mäkler“ also are present at the Klootschieten. The Klootschieten is a competition on the fields when they are frozen. With a quick arm movement, a 5, 6 cm thick bowl filled with lead is thrown highly into the air from a springboard.

On the slippery ground, a run-up mat gives support to the thrower. A trumpet signal announces the throw and warns the spectators; the best throwers get the 475 g bowl over a distance of hundred meters, on the ground, the bowl still “trüllert” (rolls) 50 up to 80 meters.

The traditionally most important field competition is the “Klootschießer-Feldkampf“ between Ostfriesland and Oldenburg, where the old rivalry is realized in a sporting manner. But also some villages have their own competitions; as a sign of challenge, in the village’s pub they hang a decorated Kloot bowl on a string. At the moment the rival tears off the bowl, the competition is accepted, the conditions are agreed, and only a few hours later, the competition may start.

In former times, they threw „up´t Ünnerst“, only dressed with long johns and vest, and they kept warm by the help of schnapps. The Klootschieten and the Boßeln have a very long tradition, about 400 up to 500 years, what can be proved by documents; But the origin is uncertain. Today, the Klootschießer association has about 400 members. There are very similar games in all countries around the North Sea.

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