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Boßeln – Ostfrieslands national sport No. 1

Boßeln – Ostfrieslands national sport No. 1

When you go to „Boßeln“, you throw a bowl made of wood or rubber and with a diameter of nine up to twelve centimeters powerfully over the street. The throw technique is similar to the technique of playing skittles.

Professionals are able to throw the bowl over 400 meters. According to the rules, the bowl is thrown again, beginning at the point where the bowl stands still. A team consists of five players, and so, during a competition, they make a distance of 10 kilometers.

Then, the streets are cordoned off or chosen in a way that only a few cars can disturb the "Boßler". A competition goes ca. two and a half hours. The "Boßler" are accompanied by "Käkler" and "Mäkler", these are spectators and fans who cheer their team and give comments to the throws.

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