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Boßeln – Ostfrieslands national sport No. 1

When you go to „Boßeln“, you throw a bowl made of wood or rubber and with a diameter of nine up to twelve centimeters powerfully over the street. The throw technique is similar to the technique of playing skittles.


Klootschieten on frozen meadows

The „Käkler“ and „Mäkler“ also are present at the Klootschieten. The Klootschieten is a competition on the fields when they are frozen. With a quick arm movement, a 5,6 cm thick bowl filled with lead is thrown highly.


Hurl ball long throw

At the hurl ball long throw they follow the conditions of the Deutscher Turnerbund (German Gymnastic Association). With the Frisian throw – instead of the in general used form of throwing around – the Frisians reach...

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