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A warm welcome to Ostfriesland!

A heartly welcome in Ostfriesland

It is a picturesque region. With green meadows, shining rape fields, moor and fen, Geest (coastal sandy heath land) and marsh. With channels, water gates and drawbridges – stone witnesses of former times. So-called “Gulfhöfe” and castles, lighthouses and mills, churches built of bricks and granite ashlars  housing old organs. Regional and cultural variety – that is the character and the charm of Ostfriesland.

"Moin!" is Low German language. Frisians say this to wish you a "Nice day!". These people say what they mean – without beating about the bush. When they talk about the "Meer", they mean a "lake". When they talk about the "Nordsee", they mean the real sea. Most of the times, the North Sea is blue, with colors ranging from sea-blue to heaven-blue. It seems as if the heavens merge with the sky.

Like a fleet of proud ships, these swollen clouds are very typical in Ostfriesland. They glide across the sky driven by the almost constantly present north-west wind. This wind also forms the "Windlopers" – wind bent trees lining the streets. The Frisians are very conscious of traditions and remember the Frisian period of liberty with the “Thingstätte” of Upstalsboom near Aurich. East Frisians like also „Boßeln“, they  organize tournaments on the streets, playing with rubber or wooden bowls. And East Frisians love laughing: The institutions "Otto Huus" (house of famous comedian Otto Waalkes) at Emden, the frisian Abitur at Wittmund and the "Spijöök" at Varel all "combat deadly seriousness".


In the last 30 years, almost 150.000 people from all over Germany passed the special examination: The East Frisian Abitur. Parts are Boßeln (the East Frisian national sport), cow milking (with the artificial cow "Elsa"), prawn shelling and Paddstock jumping.


Frisian sports

You think that typical East Frisian sports are mudflats hiking or the tea-bag long throw? Think again! During the course of the centuries, the Frisians have developed some very special games, which feel  much less like the proverbially described reserved north German way.

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