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Gulf houses

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„Cathedrals of work“ is a good term for the Gulf today. They characterize the picture of our cultural landscape at the North Sea coast and can compete, in terms of space, with churches and castles.

A cathedral? Anyone who has ever stood under the roof of an empty barn in the marsh early summer will never forget the impression of space. But there are also more modest buildings on the Geest or on the fen, even poor houses of fen colonists. But these houses are too based on the brilliant construction of their bigger brothers and sisters.

All these farmhouses are distinctive and unique, and so it's no surprise that the most magnificent specimens among them were given name: Belvedere, Helenenhof, Pekelhering or Leeshaus. Other names indicate the original importance of the house: Schatthaus, Kloster (monastery) Muhde or Logumer Vorwerk (barbican). In all cases you can say that the Gulf houses had a history of slavery and drudgery. So we are right to call them “Cathedrals of work“.



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