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Churches - Jewels of Ostfriesland

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The churches from the Middle Ages are the great jewels of Ostfriesland. One particularity are the many romantic village churches. Granite boulders from the Ice Age were found and used to make ashlars for the construction of the churches. But in the marsh and moor area lacking in stone, they had to import tuff from the Eifel by ship. Then, monks brought their know-how into our country – not just for brick stone manufacturing. Widely traveled artists followed, which decorated our churches. And soon every village then wanted to have its own church – there was a real “sacral construction boom”. But the period also reminds of the piety, the prosperity and the self-confidence of our rural communities. Today, we lovingly call the churches our “islands of silence”, as this is what they really are.


Organ in Dornum St. Bartholomäus

Going past the ancient presbytery from the 16th century (see below), you'll discover the St...


Arp-Schnitger-organ in Norden

The market-place of Norden – perhaps the greatest in Germany – today hosts the greatest sacral..


Organ in Holtriem-Westochtersum

The late Romantic single-room church from the second quarter of the 13th century was built of..

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