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Tealand Ostfriesland

  • Teetied mit Krüllkuchen - Typisch ostfriesisch!
  • Teezeremonie in der Dornumer Teestube
  • Buenting 280breit
  • Teetied mit Rullkjes EM

Outside, the storm blows from northwest. Wind velocity 7.  White clouds are passing by. Now, it is the best moment to enjoy the East Friesian national beverage. East Frisian tea does not only bring a wonderful inner warmth. It is also stimulating and calming at the same time. Get to know the all about the history of the tea and experience a traditional ceremony while travelling trough Ostfriesland!

"Nu is Teetiet!“ (Now it’s teatime!), they announce in the mullion window of the small tea room near the castle of Lütetsburg. The guests now take off their jackets take their seats at the round table. The candy sugar – Kluntje – silently crackles when the landlady pours the tea into the small china cup. “Three cups of tea are East Frisian right”, she tells us. And, of course, this also applies for tourists. But if you then do not put the spoon into the cup, you get more and more cups. This may result in a sore stomach, because the East Frisians prefer a very strong tea.

“Teetie”  is a very socializing time. A time to laugh, talk and relax while drinking a cup of tea. People here drink the tea with cream and Kluntje- a white rock sugar. First you put the rock sugar into a cup. The tea is then poured into the cup. (Listen to the silently crackling Kluntje!) At last the cream is poured into the cup by a cream spoon. The cold cream rises like a cloud in the hot tea. Rather than stirring the tea you drink it “in three stories”. So first you will taste the softness of the cream, then the bitterness of the hot tea and finally the sweetness of the Kluntje.

Ostfriesland is a tealand. There are only a few places on earth where they drink as much tea as here. Ostfriesland consumes about a quarter of the in Germany tea consumption. Nevertheless, tea not always was so popular, as the guest learns in the tea museum of Norden. In the middle of the 19th century people said: “Drinking tea frequently gives a limp skin to the women and a pale appearance. We saw strong and healthy men where many cups of tea caused drunk, stupid, yawning and nausea men.”

For the East Frisians, the tea ceremony is a holy thing. And they are masters of drinking tea: in Marienhafe, 3010 enjoyers with a 620 m long tea table slurped into the Guinness World Records Book. That is why people like and try to teach the guests in the tea land Ostfriesland how to prepare the tea in the right manner, during a tea seminar.

East Frisian tea ceremony

The East Frisian tea is a mixture of many different kinds of tea. Some, such as the Assam tea play the dominant role. They also mix – according to the brand – Java, Ceylon, Sumatra and Darjeeling into the "Ostfriesentee".

For a real East Frisian tea mixture you ‘d normally take more than ten different kinds of tea to get the typical taste. It is best to enjoy the strong tea with Kluntje (white rock sugar) and cream. The water too is important: True East Frisians say that they only travel with a can of tea water.

- Teapot
- tea cups (decoration of „Ostfriesische Rose", East Frisian rose)
- East Frisian tea spoon
- teapot warmer
- tea sieve or broom
- Rohmlepel (cream spoon)

- Soft water
- East Frisian tea (Thiele Tee, Bünting, Onno Behrens)
- Kluntje
- fresh skimmed off cream or fresh East Frisian tea cream

Rinse teapot with cooking water, per cup 1 teaspoon of tea (+ 1 teaspoon for the pot) and fill it up to a quarter. Infuse 3 minutes and then fill the pot completely. Give 1 Kluntje into the cup, pour the tea through the sieve into the cup and then carefully use the cream spoon to pour the cream “on the tea”.

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