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Enjoy the cusine of Ostfriesland and taste the typical beer.

Puppvisiet and Bontjesopp

When a child is born in Ostfriesland, the father makes a „Bontjesopp”, often called “Kinndertön”, according to an old tradition. The recipe is: Mix 250 g raisins, 125 g candy sugar and 1 l of spirits, allow it to infuse a few days and then drink!


Recipe for "Ostfriesentorte" (East Frisian cake)

Have a look at this typical cake recipe and give it a try!

Kale trips

A special pleasure for groups: A cabbage trip with curly kale meal. First, you play a game of “Boßeln” out in the frozen and fresh winter air, then take an extensive walk. After the meal, one guest pair is honored as kale king and kale queen.

Fresh fish and crabs

Since there are many villages along the north sea there are also many possibilities where you have the chance to buy fresh fish and crabs directly from the cutter. People in Ostfriesland love all kinds of fish meals. Ffish on there buns, fishsoup, cooked fish, grilled fish, fried fish, fish and chips and so on...


Snirtjeroast probably is the most famous meat meal of the East Frisians. Fresh neck or shoulder roast from pork is heavily roasted and then braised in the roasting pan. Our tip: In the winter season ask for  Snirtjeroast on the menu of the day.

Resaurants where you can have Snirtjeroast:

Landgasthof Pupkes, Tannenhauser Hof

Restaurant Heidekrug

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