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Enjoy travel and meals in Ostfriesland

East Frisian tea with Kluntjes (pieces of white candy) is the local specialty. But as you may know, sea air makes one hungry. So if you whish to have a meal, put some fish on the table! Fresh crabs and fresh fish can be found everywhere. East Frisians like to eat well. You will find some surprising culinary events “à la carte”: Sole roulades with romanesco or filet from the dike lamb with Swede crust and fresh potatoes.

Another meal that belongs to the regional kitchen culture: Curly kale with Pinkel (a spicy smoked sausage) and Smoortaal (smoked eel) with Löffeltrunk (drinking schnapps from a round tin spoon). In the Marienstadt Jever the traditional brewery makes a strong Pils beer. Frisian pleasant bitterness mixed in a bottle. The cuisine is much like the Jever beer.


Typical food and more

Like most regions in Germany Ostfriesland has some very typical and unique receipes and meals to offer. Here are some of them listed and show you an insight into the country of cusine.


Jever beer

Jever beer is made in Jever! Founded in 1848 as a small private brewery at Jever, today the Ostfriesen brewery of Jever stands for traditional brewery art at the highest quality.

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