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Enjoy travel and meals in Ostfriesland

Ostfriesen tea with Kluntjes (pieces of white candy) – that is standard here. But as you know, the sea air also makes hungry. So you like to eat? Take fish on your table!

Our culture

Moin and welcome! Learn all about Ostfriesland's culture, the customs and tradition, the people and the many historic buildings such as churches, mills, castles and lighthouses.


A journey into history

After the prehistory which only can be cleared up in archeological manner, the early history of Ostfriesland becomes evident partly by archeology, partly by foreign, for example Roman sources.


Landscape of Ostfriesland

Wonderworld Wadden Sea. Living between low tide and high tide. Water up to the horizon. Eternal rhythm of the waves. Living-space for seals. Nursery for North Sea fish. Rest and brood region for millions of Wadden Sea and water birds.


Cycling without limits!

Ostfriesland is the perfect place for a bike ride. Whether long or short distances, there's something for everyone. The flat and the beautiful landscape, small paths along the dike and many animals along the way invite you to a bike ride.


Fun for the Family

There is heaps to discover in Ostfriesland. Plenty of activities and Tours are waiting for you! Have fun with the whole family or enjoy a "kids-only-day" at one of our playhouses.



Ostfriesland's cuisine has more to offer than tea or fish! Have a look at our regional products, test your skills in an east frisian recipe or enjoy a traditional meal in one of our restaurants.



Ostfriesland is an ideal place for a holiday in your own “four walls”.Campsites are equipped to please a wide range of people for a minimal cost and most have attractive landscaped settings, often at the seaside.



People with disabilities find a broad range of services and options in East Frisia: from accessible sights and activities to accommodations and restaurants which are suitable for wheel chair users.

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