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What would be the Nordesee without lighthouses? They are simply well worth a visit and a photo!


borkum leuchtturm 11

Again and again, the legacy of the inventors will attract your attention during your travel through our cultural landscape: this includes the numerous lighthouses. In the truest sense of the word, lighthouses are a „highlight“ and one cannot imagine the North Sea coast landscape without them. Even some church towers which were situated in a strategically fortunate position, were used to take bearings, as old maps document. 

Although todays radio-technical possibilities support the navigation work of the seamen, the lighthouses cannot be replaced. In addition, they have received further tasks: you can visit them, you can go around them (especially at night a real adventure), you can make advertisements with them, live or even marry in a lighthouse – in fact, this is the original function: to use their light to guide into a safe harbor…. All are unique specimen and in addition, they are very beautiful: the old tower of Wangerooge, the yellow-red ringed one in Krummhörn-Pilsum, the other striking islanders or the little brother of the Eiffel tower in Krummhörn-Campen. They all show you the way to go.


Old lighthouse

Before the first sea mark on Borkum was built the church tower helped sailors to navigate their..


Lighthouse in Krummhörn-Pilsum

The lighthouse is an attractive place and a sought-after picture object with its picturesque..


Ancient lighthouse on Wangerooge

The lighthouses on that island have a very eventful history. The oldest light documented at the..


Big new lighthouse on Borkum

Before constructing the first navigation aid on the island of Borkum, seamen orientated according..

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